There must be many people feel confused when hear the mobile of Cubot for it is focus on the Europe market and get a great reputation like the other brands, but it is outstanding among them, and recently, there is much news about its new machine of the Cubot X18 Plus on the internet that raise many people’s interests.

Cubot X18 Plus

Although it is not a very big company and the products are not as many as the brand of the Xiaomi and Huawei etc., but the popular trend in the market that it will also applied on this new machine like the full screen design that has not applied on the Cubot X18 with the help of the MT6750T that the running sped will be fast and smooth when we playing games.

What worth mentioning is that it applied the streamer vision effect on the back side like the phone of the Cubot Magic, which looks very beautiful from different direction, compared with the professional Sricam Camera, it will not be much.

As for the other configuration, it is equipped with 5.99 inch screen on the basis of the Android 8.0 system with the help of the 4+64GB memory combination that the performance will be amazing but wonderful like the phone of the Cubot King Kong who support the function of IP68 that will be convenient in daily life.