1 . How to deal with automatic shutdown?

The smart phone is similar to a tiny computer ,when it operates large programs ,you feel it hot .normally ,the customers play video games and many programs are operated at the backstage ,they press the home key and go back to desktop interface ,it seems like these programs have been shutdown ,it doesn’t .the memory and the CPU are still running .if you play a large video game for over an hour ,the power consumption is too high ,it’ll cause system halt and automatic shutdown .

There are two ways you make some improvement :
(1) Press the function key in the middle of the screen for a longer while , it enters the holding state and the programs are ended one by one .
(2) please install a optimized sofeware insteading of step 1,however step is simpler.

2 . Why can’t I use Facebook?

Facebook is absolutely forbidden In china ,so we can’t check the details when you are using facebook ,we suggest using the website edition .

3 . Why the cell phone screen was halted ?

We suggest not loading several programs at the same time ,the software resolution incompatibility may arise screen freezing. The customers can download a alternative software in local place .

4 . why I can not find GPS signal in my house ?

The GPS chip and the antenna of the cell phone can’t compare with GPS on vehicle because of the limited space of inside the phone. You can download local graphic map documents and use AGPS to have an accurate guide . if you want to shorten the time for searching satellite signal ,you can open the wifi and enter into GPS ,then choose EPO option .