CUBOT Mobile specialize in overseas market, and the mian force direction of this brand is the fashion / parity fields, most of its products have a price close to the people, and taking into account the cost-effective. However, there are some changes of this situation recently, except for the series of X, S product lines, CUBOT electronic has further expanded our product line, and launched a new Cubot H series.

The representative first released Cubot H mobile is CUBOT H1, which is fast filling with emphasis on endurance, and it is one of the CUBOT's more representative of differentiated products.

Cubot H1

CUBOT has equipped this new model with a quick charging solution, and carried with its fast charger 5V / 2A, which is known as the 10-minute charge for 2 hours call , 30 minutes charge for using a whole day. Moreover, it has also adopted the professional-grade charge management chip, which is both fast and safe charging.

Not only it supports fast charge while, CUBOT H1 battery capacity is not small, it is equipped with a 5200mAh large capacity battery, while with only a 9.2mm thickness, and projecting the main camera is not too obvious. In addition, the same as most other mobiles with large capacity battery that support long standby, CUBOT H1 smartphone can charger other devices through an OTG cable.

If you are not sure of the the characteristics of the battery life of this model, but seeing the appearance of the phone, perhaps you will think CUBOT H1 is featured with the fashion design. It has three colors of black, white, gold, the front is the borderless visual design, which is very popular among domestic mobile phones. While the back shell is decorated with dense texture. The overall dimensions is 154.5 * 76.6 * 9.2mm.

cubot h1

In addition, Cubot H1 screen, memory and other main specifications has looked to the mainstream line. It uses a 5.5 inches 1280 * 720 resolution, full OGS screen with 2.5D arc glass surface, ebuilds in 2G + 16G memory and support 8 million / 13 million pixels dual camera, MTK MT6735p quad-core 1.0GHz main frequency processor, support FDD / WCDMA / GSM network, dual sim card dual standby, and based on Android 5.1 customized system.

Cubot H1 price is $149.99, among the same type of a large battery and mainstream configuration products, it is kind of a price close to the people.